FTP, which denotes File Transfer Protocol, represents the most popular method of uploading website content to a hosting account. With an FTP software application that is installed on your desktop or laptop PC, you can establish a connection to your web hosting server and copy all the website files that you need with several mouse clicks. This is done using a simple-to-work-with GUI and it is as simple as dragging ‘n’ dropping the files in question. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is that you can set up separate FTP accounts, each with a different level of access to your web space, so if you have to provide someone with access, for example – a web designer, they will be able to access only one specific folder and will not be able to see the remaining content or any other information, such as personal details. Three things are necessary in order to be able to establish an FTP connection – a hostname, which is usually an IP address or a domain name, a username and a password.

FTP Accounts in Shared Hosting

Creating and managing multiple FTP accounts will be astonishingly easy with each of our shared hosting. This service isn’t limited, so using our easy-to-work-with Hepsia Control Panel, you’ll be able to create as many FTP accounts as you have to, in order to administer your websites and to get your website-connected tasks accomplished. If you hire a web developer and they’re done with the website, for example, you can change the FTP password or delete the entire FTP account with only one click of the mouse via the Control Panel. For your convenience, you will be able to see a list of all the accounts that you’ve set up and what directories they can access. Handy options such as changing the password or the path and downloading an auto-config file for widespread FTP clients are also just a mouse click away.

FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers

You’ll be able to connect to your semi-dedicated server account via FTP whatever the semi-dedicated plan that you’ve opted for during the order process, since the FTP access is among the default features that you will be able to make use of. All our plans include an unlimited FTP account quota, so you’ll be able to create as many accounts as you like via the Hepsia Control Panel with which you’ll be able to manage your website content as well. All the FTP accounts will be shown in alphabetical order in the Control Panel and in case you do not need a specific account anymore, you can just remove it and stop individuals who have used it before from accessing it again. This option is particularly handy if you use the services of a web designer or in case an IT professional exits your company and you don’t want them to connect to the web files anymore. A comprehensive Help repository that contains tutorial video clips will help you manage your FTP accounts in case you don’t have past experience.

FTP Accounts in VPS Servers

The VPS server packages offered by our company will allow you to set up unlimited FTP accounts to administer the content of your Internet sites. This is valid regardless of which VPS package you buy and which hosting Control Panel you pick during the VPS order process – DirectAdmin, Hepsia or cPanel. In any case, you’ll acquire FTP access to the server without having to install any software, since an FTP server is an integral part of the standard software suite which comes with the VPS packages by default. You can set up one FTP account for every domain or sub-domain that you’ve got or even different accounts for one single directory – in case you want several persons to access the content in it using their very own personal login details. With each of the Control Panels, setting up, removing or editing an FTP account requires no more than a couple of mouse clicks via a simple-to-navigate graphical interface.