Tutorial videos are several-minute-long educational movies that show you how exactly to perform a certain task. In case you’ve never had a website and the hosting sphere is something new to you or in case you have just switched companies and have never seen the new provider’s hosting Control Panel, such videos will come in truly handy and will help you get accustomed to the interface in question, not to mention how much time you will save. Without video tutorials, you would have had to either test out the separate buttons within the Control Panel or check step-by-step help articles. Even though you can still find out how to get stuff done all on your own, it would be incomparably easier to watch a simple-to-understand video tutorial and after that to simply obey the directions, preventing any chance of slipping up if a certain help article is ambiguous.

Video Tutorials in Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting services feature a custom Control Panel, which is an astonishingly intuitive and easy to work with, so you will have no difficulty doing anything you prefer. Nonetheless, we've assembled an extensive video database that comprises heaps of tutorial movies dedicated to each Control Panel section and the options that you can access through it. If you wish to find out how to set up a brand new database or to update the PHP version for the account, for instance, you can check the specific steps you need to take. We’ve gone even further – we have compiled different instructional videos too so as to give you a tip as to what access and error logs are, or what CPU load is, for example. You can browse all the available videos whenever you want, or you can watch only the ones that are related to a certain Control Panel section.

Video Tutorials in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you have never signed up for a web hosting account beforehand or you have switched to a semi-dedicated server service from our company and you’re hesitant about how to carry out a certain operation, you should check our elaborate Hepsia Control Panel-implemented archive of video tutorials, which will help you tackle each and every aspect of the hosting service and, even if you possess zero practical experience, you’ll be able to execute procedures such as changing your account’s PHP version, exporting a MySQL database or creating an electronic mailing list in a seamless fashion. As soon as you open a given section of the Control Panel, you’ll be able to view all the videos that are applicable to the functions available in this very section. Plus, you can browse all the videos that we have made if you’re aiming to further develop your understanding of the hosting service in general, as we’ve got informational videos too. You’ll find the link to the video catalogue at the bottom of your hosting Control Panel.